2016 PHCCI Elected Committee

The Committee comprises of local business people elected by PHCCI Members to manage the business of the Chamber on a voluntary basis. The Committee meets monthly to review and oversee PHCCI’s operations and determine its future in the interest of all members.

Executive Committee - President Jim Henneberry Jim Henneberry
Executive Committee - Vice President Adrian Hatwell Adrian Hatwell
Executive Committee - Managing Secretary Arnold Carter Arnold Carter
Executive Committee - Treasurer Charlene Peters Charlene Peters
Committee Member Therese Anderson Therese Anderson
Committee Member Patrik Mellberg Patrik Mellberg
Committee Member MJ Janse van Vuur MJ Janse van Vuur
Committee Member Glynn Judd Glynn Judd
Committee Member Roger Higgins Roger Higgins
Staff - Executive Officer Michelle Scott Michelle Scott
Staff - Administration Officer Larissa Bevins Larissa Bevins